29 February 2008

Nerdy joke

There are some jokes you really need to be nerdy to get. A friend of mine (both of us can be a bit nerdy at times) sent me this one today:

There are 10 types of people in the world, the ones who understand binary numbers and the ones who don't.

Did you get it? :)

If you didn't, check this out.

24 February 2008

Editorial Cartoons

I'm the kind of person who likes reading both the news stories and the editorials in a paper. The editorials often gives me new insight into, and also challenges my view on, different matters. When it comes to expressing an opinion clearly and consisely, there is nothing like a good editorial cartoon. The cartoonists can be more direct, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For a selection of the best editorial comics available, check out the editorials section of comics.com. I like dropping by that site regularly and reading the latest editorial cartoons. There is one cartoonist I always read though: Robert Ariail. This guy is amazing, over and over again he comes up with excellent cartoons nailing current events like no other cartoonist. Lately he has made a couple of cartoons describing how Huckabee doesn't seem to understand he should pull out of the US republican primaries and let McCain win already. The one below is my favorite.

Wanna know what's really happening in the US primaries, on both sides? Check the editorials cartoons on comics.com regularly :)

New Grow Game

I guess you can call me an Internet addict, I do spend a lot of time online. One of the things I love about the Internet is flash games. There's soo many different games available, most of them not really worth spending time on. However, from time to time I find some really good and original games.

Of the most original, and most well-made are the Grow games. They are made by this guy calling himself Eyezmaze, who is an illustrator/game developer. His visual style is very distinct and pretty. Appearantly the man has been sick for a while, and his next game has been delayed. As a way for him to apologize for this, he made a mini game in the Grow series where the main character gets sick :)

As always in the Grow games, you have a number of objects available, and you must choose in which order to put these objects into the game. When the objects are applied in the correct order, the game is completed, in this case it means the character is healed. As always, you will be surprised how much the story develops at the last stages of the game :)

You find the game here:

23 February 2008

Bare Jazz

Today, Minnie and I, as we often do on Saturdays, went to Oslo for shopping. As we tend to always do, we first went to Bogstadveien, a good shopping street in Majorstua. We went around in lots of stores, and I found myself a nice hooded sweatshirt. After we finished the shopping we wanted to sit down at a cafe and relax a bit. Since we have to go to downtown to take the train, we figured we'd find a place there. We therefore took the tram downtown and walked around a bit to find a nice place.

We were walking in the street Grensen, when I realized we were close to a place called "Bare Jazz", ("Only Jazz" in English). This is one of the most interesting places in Oslo I think, being a part record store (only jazz-records of course), part coffee-shop. It has a really nice interior, with the coffee shop upstairs and the record store in the ground floor. There are some really nice pictures on the website of the place (which also features an online record store): http://www.barejazz.no/

The place is run, and founded, by Bodil Niska, who herself is a well known jazz-musician. I actually found a "music video" on youtube with her:

Minnie and I went into the place and found a table (which was pure luck, since the place was packed). We had a café latte each, together with a piece of carrot cake and a piece of cheese cake. The cheese cake had brownie with nuts for bun, yummy! After a bit, we decided to leave. When we came down to the record store I realized I hadn't gotten myself any new jazz albums in a long time.

I really like jazz, especially with young Norwegian performers. Growing up close to Molde, with it's extremely good jazz festival, MoldeJazz, each summer, I learned to enjoy this style of music. My greatest experiences there have been with great young Norwegian performers. The level of their performances always blow me away, and I leave with an feeling of awe... There's a reason why artists like Chick Corea and Pat Metheney can't stop praising them when they have played with them at MoldeJazz. Check out Chick Corea & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra - Live in Molde if you want to know how a meeting like that sounds.

I hadn't really followed this genre lately, so I figured I'd ask for a recommendation. Luckily, that day Bodil Niska herself was behind the counter :) She recommended this album: Petter Wettre - Appetite For Structure. You can check out Petter Wettre's music at his mySpace-site. The album is great, I've been listening the whole time while writing this post :)

So, if you're in Oslo and have some interest in jazz, or just want to experience a coffee shop a bit out of the ordinary, drop by Bare Jazz and realize that its not only jazz :)

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