24 February 2008

New Grow Game

I guess you can call me an Internet addict, I do spend a lot of time online. One of the things I love about the Internet is flash games. There's soo many different games available, most of them not really worth spending time on. However, from time to time I find some really good and original games.

Of the most original, and most well-made are the Grow games. They are made by this guy calling himself Eyezmaze, who is an illustrator/game developer. His visual style is very distinct and pretty. Appearantly the man has been sick for a while, and his next game has been delayed. As a way for him to apologize for this, he made a mini game in the Grow series where the main character gets sick :)

As always in the Grow games, you have a number of objects available, and you must choose in which order to put these objects into the game. When the objects are applied in the correct order, the game is completed, in this case it means the character is healed. As always, you will be surprised how much the story develops at the last stages of the game :)

You find the game here:

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