24 March 2008

30 degs, perfect beaches and sweet mangos...

... is just a few of the many, many things I'm looking forward to on our vacation to the Philippines coming up very soon. With warm and sunny weather, white sandy beaches, cheap food and lodging, modern metropolitan life with great shopping, and a people that, in addition to always smiling and being friendly, speaks english, the Philippines is a great tourist destination for frost-bitten Norwegians.

Minnie has been away from her home-country, family and friends for just over one year now, and is looking a lot forward to going home, meeting the family and the friends she has missed this year. I'm looking forward to what I think will the best vacation of my life. It will be the longest time we've spent together in the Phils, making me able to enjoy the Filipino life more fully :)

Our plans for the vacation so far is:
  • - 11 days in Manila, including a golf session with Lloyd.
  • - 5 days on Boracay, including shakes at Jonah's, muffins at Real Coffee, water-jets, parasailing, snorkling and sunbathing.
  • - 9 days in Minnie's hometown Bacolod, including lots of sweet, fresh mangos, the pride of my mother-in-law.
  • - 2 days in Subic, outside of Manila, for the wedding of a friend of Minnie.
I will be sharing pictures and stories from our trip here on this blog, showing how wonderful it is in the Philippines :)

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