28 March 2008

4 deg, sleet and commuting to work...

...is just a few of the things I won't be missing when were in the Philippines :) As I write this, I'm taking a break from picking out my shorts and other summer clothes to pack it in my suitcase. It feels a bit absurd, but also makes me excited about the trip.

This picture shows how it looks outside of our place now, a big contrast from the picture in this post. Below you see the weather report for our place and for Manila on Sunday. I know where I prefer to be :)


It will take us 24 hrs from we leave our place tomorrow morning till we arrive in Manila and meet up with Val, my sister-in-law. It will be a long and tiring trip, but totally worth it. I have traveled to the Philippines several times before, but this will actually be the first time I'll do this trip together with Minnie. That will of course make the trip a whole lot more fun :)

Stay tuned here on the blog, I will try to post from the trip as often as possible :)

Philippines here we come!

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