06 May 2008

My new favorite album

My music taste really goes through cycles. For a period I listen to main stream music, such as Coldplay, John Legend or Norah Jones, but after a while get bored with it. Then I have a period with alternativ music, such as Vampire Weekend, Atomic or Dungen. Then I get bored with that after a while and go back to listening to main stream music, and the cycle continues. I almost feel a bit schizophrenic, moving between commercial taste to almost snobbish, anti-commercial, taste of music. At least I am able to enjoy lots of kinds of music :)

Currently I'm in a period listening to mainly alternative music, and my current favorite album is M83's "Saturdays=Youth". I think of M83's music as similar to bands such as "My Bloody Valentine" and "Serena Maneesh" (shoegaze), but with a melancholic touch, a bit like Type O Negative's "October Rust". My favorite traks are track 2, "Kim & Jessie", and track 3, "Skin Of The Night". Sadly, none of those are included in their mySpace-page, but that page still is good to get an idea of their style of music.

I have been listening a lot to this album lately, it still grows on me. If you are open to a bit of alternative music I really recommend that you check it out :)

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