18 May 2008

Subscribing to blogs

After discovering the universe of blogs, I've started following quite a few blogs. The only way to easily do this, is by subscribing to the blogs. This is done using a technique called RSS. Explaining RSS is not easy, but luckily someone is really good at explaining things in plain English, even RSS. Check out this video from Common Craft which in a very easy and understandable way explains RSS.

One addition to what was brought up in the video. Do you use iGoogle? Google Reader can be set up in your iGoogle-page. I use it, and it works perfectly, and I don't need to open the Google Reader site to check on my subscriptions.

So, do you want to try RSS? You can try by clicking the RSS-icon in the top-header of this blog, and you will be forwarded to a page where you can choose service to use for subscribing. My recommandation is Google Reader :)

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